The Best Online Arabic Tv In Canada

The Best Online Arabic Tv In Canada
The Best Online Arabic Tv In Canada

The Arabic society in Canada is increased recently so Arabians are living there badly need help to establish themselves and adapt to the new world they must live in. Coming from countries with completely different life style and social norms and habits, Arabians need a guide to help them settling down easily. And what better way than watching TV, where they can find any programs focused on the local Arab community?

YallaTalkTV is a Free Arabic Tv featuring various programs, mostly focusing on the Arab community in Canada. YallaTalkTV also offering a big variety of entertainment programs like many different Arabian music, videos and drama series also a huge selection of movies from various Arab countries. But there are also many publicist broadcasts helping Arabians easily learning to live normally in their new homeland.

For people already are good settled down YallaTalkTv is offering lots of different programs, making them never forget amazing ancient Arabian culture. There is no better way to show your children where they are coming from, what are your values and traditions! Movies, serials, music,news whatever you need you can find watching YallaTalkTv. There is something for everyone. The TV’s team is working hard trying to please all of their viewers offering them the best shows featuring different genres and any kind of entertainment.

With Yalla Talk TV the team is now working hard to make the voice of the Arabic communities in Canada to reach the entire world an also producing Canadian television programs to reflect the Arabic culture, community events, success stories and local celebrities, making YallaTalkTV Online Arabic TV Let me introduce some of the people are making all this possible to happen.

Lina Zakaria, Chief Production Officer began her television career in 2000 as a Producer and Director of two Arabic television programs. For several years she worked for the United Nations in Syria and various charities in Canada. She understands the challenges of settling in a new country and works towards helping people bridge the gaps to start a new life in Canada.

Ghiath Halabi, Chief Executive Officer with more than 20 years’ track record in executive management skills and in transforming innovative ideas it to a successful business , Building the vision and the road map of YallaTalkTV and taking the organization to a next level and beyond that .

Steve Najem, Vice President, Programs began his career in comedy at a very young age when he amazed his audience across the Middle East and North America (including Las Vegas) with his unique talent. Steve went on to become a popular host of various television programs on OTV in Lebanon where he incorporated comedy into various talk shows. Steve currently performs stand-up comedy and produces a number of television programs for Arabic stations as well as mainstream television.

With such a good team, working hard for people and trying to make their life more easy and funny, there is no doubt YallaTalkTv will soon becomes one of the most popular Live Arabic Tv. Moreover to watch it there is no need of any contracts, cables etc. You can watch YallaTalkTv even on your phone if you simply download the free Mobile App. There is no doubt once trying YallaTalkTv you will soon become addicted to it because there is no more interesting Arabic Tv!


New Live Arabic Online IPTV channel

IPTV-Live Arabic TV

If you are a fan of Arabic TV channels or just want to watch something interesting there is something you must know. We are living in 21 century already so who need to pay for cable TV or something? There is much more easier way to look your favorite Arabic movies, shows, serials or news. There is a new Arabic online TV made exactly for people like you. YallaTalkTv is a new amazing TV, where you can find everything you are interested in. It is an online channel, made by Arabians but not only for Arabians.

YallaTalkTV is a free 24-hour Live Arabic Tv Station featuring various programs focusing on the Arab community in Canada. YallaTalkTV also features a wide variety of entertainment programs including music videos and drama series. The aim of the TV’s team here is to please every one, offering a wide selection of movies from various Arab countries, various shows featuring different genres, attractable Arabic TV series, featuring various Arab stars, hours with your favorite Arabic songs and many more interesting programs. There is even a cooking programs, you can learn how to made your favourite Arabic dishes. The Chief Production Officer, Lina Zakaria and Ghiath Halabi, the Chief Executive Officer are always work for community, for people and their interests.

For the Arabic community, living in Canada such online live TV streaming is much needed, not only to remember their homelands and culture but also to show these to future offspring because the legacy of Arabic culture should never be forgotten. But YallaTalkTv is not only for Arabian, their culture is ancient and beautiful and it can teach us a lot. The values of Arab culture are unique and often mysterious to Westerners. Even the word Arab can be unclear because people presume Arabs are a single race. However, if you want to know more about their culture watching YallaTalkTv is the way to find lots of interesting things for.

Moreover it is so easy to watch YallaTalkTv! You don’t need to deal with any contracts or cable providers. This is an Live Arabic Tv Online everybody can watch it any time, even using their phones. All you need is to simply download a free Mobile App and it’s will be always with you, what hewer you are. There is an option to contact with team members via mail or telephone whenever you need because they are available 24/7 for their viewers. Contacts you can find simply checking the TV’s site.

There is no doubt YallaTalkTv is the Best Arabic Tv Channel For Canadian Arab Community and for everyone loves Arabian Culture itself. Go and watch it and be sure YallaTalkTv will mediately became your favorite Arabic Online TV and the place where you can rejoice a lot.

The Best Arabic Tv Channel For Canadian Arab Community

Free Live Arabic Tv
Free Live Arabic Tv

Canadians of Arab origin are one of the largest non-European ethnic group in Canada. In 2001, almost 350,000 people of Arab origin lived in Canada, representing 1.2% of the total Canadian population, moreover it is growing considerably faster than the overall population. Arab Canadians’ desire to get ahead in their newly adopted country influenced a law-abiding behavior, as did their later desire to present a favorable image of their ethnic group. Success in business also helped produce a conservative law-abiding population and today we can say Canadian Arab community are very well settle down in Canada.

Regardless of the reasons for emigration, we can say to change your life is easy for no one. Once come in Canada Arab immigrants must to learn a new language, integrate themselves into the new economic system, and one of the most important things to be good settle down is to learn new cultural norms and values and discard some of the ways of the country of origin. It can be really difficult to someone to fit into the new environment, moreover when it is extremely different that the country he or she has lived before. And of course there can be homesickness these first days.

So what is the best treatment against all these feelings? After long, hectic day you can just to sit on the chair and to watch some Free Arabic Tv. But some that can remind you for your home, your culture, the world you have lived before. But also to helps you getting integrated into the new environment easy and without any stress and worries and to show you how to start your live in the new country or to teaches the new born generation what is Arab culture like, its traditions and history. Yes, there is such Channel and its name is YallaTalkTV.

YallaTalkTV is a free 24-hour Arabic Station where you can watch various programs, mainly focusing on the Arab community in Canada. YallaTalkTV is the place you can find lots of entertainment programs including music videos and drama series, your favorite songs, movies or news, basically everything what you want to see. This Live Arabic Tv also offer a wide selection of movies from various Arab countries, exclusive interviews with successful people and lots of exciting events. There is even a cooking programs, you can learn how to made your favorite Arabic dishes. But here you can also find some useful information for your new place, how to get easily integrated, what is need to do for and any kind of news that can help you in your new life.

For all of the Arabians there will be very interesting to watch YallaTalkTV, there is no doubt but it can also be interesting for any kind of people who want to know more about interesting and ancient Arabian culture, lifestyle and history. But moreover, for Canadians such Free Arabic Tv can be useful to help their neighbors, colleagues or just acquaintances getting settle down faster and to start good new relationships knowing their habits but also the way to show them what their new life must be.


YallaTalkTV - Online Arabic Tv
YallaTalkTV – Online Arabic Tv

YallaTalkTV is a free 24-hour Live Arabic TV Station featuring different shows concentrating on the Arab people group in Canada. To watch YallaTalkTV, basically download our free Mobile App.

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  • Ghiath Halabi (Chief Executive Officer)
  • Lina Zakaria (Chief Production Officer)
  • Steve Najem (Vice President, Programs)
  • Jade Beldham (Head of Marketing)
  • Maryam Meschi (Head of Quality Assurance)
  • Catherine Bassari (Head of Post Production)
  • Amira Issa (Producer)
  • Abbas Aboukoder (TV Host)
  • Dina Shokri (Producer)
  • Weaam Gamal (Producer)
  • Fadi Younes (Director and Producer)

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